Questions and Answers about ProSolution Plus

Many people ask questions about ProSolution Plus because they hear you can use it to help premature ejaculation. Here are answers to some common questions that arise.

Don’t hesitate to contact the ProSolution maker directly too, at 1–866–621–6886. They are available seven days a week and also until the early hours.

What is ProSolution Plus?

ProSolution Plus is a natural, non-prescription supplement for men designed to increase sexual drive, help erectile problems and make sex more enjoyable. You can use ProSolution Plus as a sustainable supplement to help you experience spontaneous sexual intercourse whenever you like.

I heard that ProSolution Plus can help reduce premature ejaculation. Is this true?

Yes. ProSolution Plus is a powerful formula of ancient herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients from Chinese and Ayruvedic medicines that are used for centuries to help vitality in men. The formula is proven to improve erectile problems by 67%, sexual satisfaction by 78% and premature ejaculation by 64%.

How is ProSolution Plus different from ProSolution Pills?

The same producer, the same name and understanding of male anatomy and the same 60-day money-back guarantee. ProSolution Plus has a different formula, designed to overcome certain bedroom problems — premature ejaculation between them.

Can I still use ProSolution Plus to improve my sex drive?

Yes. ProSolution Plus is proven to help men increase sex drive and stamina in addition to offering natural help for premature ejaculation.

What’s in ProSolution Plus?

Herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients are used for thousands of years to help men perform better, with greater sexual health, stamina, erection size and natural help for premature ejaculation. ProSolution Plus borrows the best from this ancient wisdom stream in a formula that is highly researched and strategically. See their complete ingredient list at

How fast does it work?

Immediately. Nutrition can take up to three months to build on your system and your body to put them to use, but when they do, you are always ready for playing time, with spontaneous sex and performance. Most men see results faster than that — usually in less than two weeks.

You will most likely hit your steps with ProSolution Plus between three and six months. And when you do that, it’s amazing. Keep using ProSolution Plus because you only enjoy the benefits when you add.

Do I need a recipe to buy ProSolution Plus?

No you don’t. ProSolution Plus is truly natural, without drugs.

Is it safe?

ProSolution Plus is a natural thing and most people don’t have a problem at all. Talk to your doctor if you are worried that it might interact with pre-existing conditions or drugs, but in general, you should be fine.

Is that wise?

The company is very careful about your purchase. Bills on your credit card appear as “leminternet” and the packaging from “Leading Edge”. Customer support is also very good, and they are highly trained and sensitive to your concerns.

Do they guarantee the product?

Yes — ProSolution Plus is guaranteed for a full 60 days, giving you plenty of time to try products, see results and return products to get a refund less shipping and handling costs if you don’t like the product. Very few people return ProSolution Plus because they like it.

Can I buy ProSolution Plus at a discount?

Yup, they offer discounts on higher packages, which is good because you will want at least a six-month supply for the best results. You can also get a free bonus prize depending on the package you purchased, and receive free shipping to any address in the continental United States. Head to for more information.

What if I have more questions about ProSolution Plus?

Contact their customer support team at 1–866–621–6886. They are truly thoughtful and are available 7 days a week to answer any and all questions you might have about the product.